Jeff Clough


Here's some information about me, in case the rest of this site isn't enough for you.


I'm spending the winter exercising all the sysadmin, programming, and engineering skills I've let atrophy. I'm also trying to fill in the inevitable blanks one gets when said skills are all self-taught.


Early Days

I was born in the late seventies, which makes me old enough to have owned a VIC-20, but not old enough to have owned an Altair.

In my early teens, I started studying tarot, astrology, and ceremonial magic.

In 1992, I coerced my Mac LC onto the internet. Shortly thereafter, I found myself employed building websites, sysadmining servers, and writing terrible code.

I left the computer industry in 2002. I continue to write terrible code, but now I don't get paid for it.

The New Millennium

I became a father in 2004, and spent the next decade variously as a stay-at-home dad, factory worker, tradesman, and freelance writer.

I did a fair bit of ghostwriting during this time. If you were a voracious reader of SEO and marketing blogs, you might have read something by me without even knowing it. And I'm very sorry for that.

In 2017, I decided to focus on my magical and philosophical studies.

The Near Now

In 2020, I launched this website as a place to write about that, and as a place to offer tarot and astrological consultations.

In 2022, my kid turned eighteen. That was...whatever the long German word is for something which is simultaneously expected and unexpected.

In the summer of 2023, I moved away from my hometown. I also started an online magazine and podcast with a friend of mine. That didn't work out so well.

In the fall of 2023, I decided to wipe away my old website, stop writing about magic, and stop offering consultations online, so I could focus that energy on other things.