Tarot Readings

The tarot is an excellent tool for understanding the unique circumstances and situations you find yourself in, and for answering specific questions about those circumstances. Together, we can get a “bird’s-eye view” of your present life situation, or we can zero in on a specific question you might have.

“How can I turn my hobby or passion into a fulfilling career?”

“Why do my relationships never seem to work out?”

“Which of my long-term goals should I focus on next, and what do I need to do in order to achieve it?”

These are just a few examples of the kinds of questions which can be explored in a tarot reading.

My approach

After more than thirty years of working with the tarot and studying its history, I have developed an approach which uses a combination of techniques, some of which date back to the earliest days of cartomancy.

In brief, I do not see tarot cards as having a narrow set of “fixed” meanings to be read in a vacuum. Rather, I view the cards on the table—taken together as a whole—as telling us a story about you and your unique situation.

It’s my task as a tarot reader to interpret this story for you in a way which will give you the information you need, in the manner in which you need it.

Reading format

At this time, I am providing all tarot readings via email. Please fill out the form below to request a reading. Once I have received your request, I will reply with a photograph of the cards that I drew for your question or situation, as well as my interpretation. If something is unclear, or you have follow-up questions directly related to the cards or my interpretation, we can exchange further emails.

I do my absolute best to reply to everyone within twenty-four hours. In most cases, I reply much sooner than this.


I do not ask for any up-front payment for tarot readings. Once we have concluded our consultation as described above, I will provide you with a PayPal link which you may use to send a donation, if and only if you are completely satisfied with your reading and you are able to afford it.

The suggested donation for a tarot reading is $10.00 (US).

Request a reading

Please use the form below to request a tarot reading. By submitting your request, you are certifying that you’ve read my terms and conditions page. If you have any questions regarding how your information will be used, please see my privacy policy.

Please ensure that the email address you enter here is valid, as it is where I will send all communications related to your question.
Use this space to ask your question, or to describe the circumstances which lead you to reach out to me. The more context you can provide, the better I can serve you. Please try to focus on one specific question or situation.