Jeff Clough is an astrologer, tarot reader, and magician. He was the weird kid in school, and still is. He lives in New Hampshire.

Portrait of Jeff Clough

He was first drawn to magic after stumbling upon a beaten-up tarot workbook in a used book store when he was twelve. He dabbled in the occult for the next twenty years, but didn’t take his studies seriously until he was in his thirties.

In addition to the tarot, he has studied Western astrology, ceremonial magic, and too many forms of traditional and modern witchcraft to mention. He has never sought, nor accepted initiation into any magical order or lineage, and prefers to remain “unaffiliated.”

In 2017, at the age of forty, Jeff decided to become a “full-time wizard,” and dedicated the entirety of his remaining years to studying, practicing, and teaching magic.

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As strange as it sounds for a small, independent blog, Jeff was told this site ought to have a privacy policy, and so he wrote one.


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