Tarot Readings

I have been studying and working with the tarot for over thirty years. During that time, I’ve come to see the tarot as an excellent tool to help us understand complex problems or challenging life situations as they present themselves. The tarot works best when you wish to answer a specific question, or want to explore a specific situation which has arisen in your life.

“How can I turn my hobby or passion into a fulfilling career?”

“Why do my relationships never seem to work out?”

“Which of my long-term goals should I focus on next, and what do I need to do in order to achieve success?”

These are just a few of the kinds of questions a tarot reading can be used to explore and understand.

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Natal Astrology Readings

Natal astrology is all about you. It not only helps you gain a better perspective on who you are, and where you’re going, it can also reveal the challenges and blessings you’re likely to encounter along the way.

A natal reading is the most personal form of astrology, and an excellent place to begin for those seeking answers about their life path.

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At this time, I’m only offering the services listed above. If I expand my services at a later date, I will update this page and announce it on the blog.