Maybe it’s the Mercury retrograde, or the obscene pile of projects I’ve taken on, but I’ve spent most of the last month fiddling with computers. Fixing them, writing code for them, and just generally immersing myself in them in ways I thought (and hoped) I’d left behind me.

I wrote this on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, when I should have been working…

I was going to write a long, rambling post about all of the various tech and nerd things I've had to work on over the past two weeks, but I can't because...
1. It's all for a Super Secret Thing that I can't talk about yet.
2. I have so much work to do that I shouldn't even *be* on social media writing *this* much.
Suffice it to say, if this new venture ever makes enough money so that I can hire other people, Employee #0001 will be a tech monkey who's job it will be to make it so that I never, *ever* have to look at PHP, hand hack a "requirements.txt" file, or remember to type "sudo ufw status numbered" and not "sudo ufw status" again.

Then a few days later I wrote this, while I was trying to un-hork my father’s computer…

I really love how Windows updates have become a game of Spin-the-Dynamite. I know this behavior goes back to a *least* Windows XP, but wow! Now, it's like every other update has a better-than-even chance of throwing your OS into a wood chipper.

When I tell people I used to be a computer geek for a living, but ran gleefully away from that industry in the early naughties in favor of working in a factory and never looked back, they question my sanity. I, however, question how anyone can stand it.

Years ago, I read some other computer-land expat’s comments about how “fun” it is dealing with malfunctioning technology, which went something like this…

If you made a Venn diagram of my life, there would be two non-overlapping circles, one labeled, “Times when I’m well-and-truly happy” and the other labeled, “Times when I’m logged in as root, holding a cable, or have the case open.”

(Apologies for not remembering the specific person who wrote this, or where I saw it posted.)

I cannot, cannot stress how much I relate to this.

Aside from the tech support I had to toss at my family, nearly everything I’ve been working on lately has been for that Super Secret Project I mentioned the other day. It’s still going to be a few weeks before I can talk about that, but it’s coming along despite all my whining.

Or maybe because of it? They say talking through your pain is a good way to get through it.

Anyway, I’d much rather be doing tarot or astrology consultations for people, so why don’t you hit me up for one? I’ve finally caught up on my email, and while I still have a criminally-insane amount of work ahead of me this week, I’d love to procrastinate on your behalf.

Normally, my go-to method for avoiding work is taking long walks outside, but we’re in the middle of another heat wave, so the outside feels like it’s trying to kill me.

Friends don’t let their wizards get heat stroke.

If you would like a Tarot or natal astrology reading, please visit my Consultations page. I would be happy to help.

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