Horoscopes coming soon!

Now that Mercury is safely moving in the right direction again, I wanted to write a quick post to announce a couple of things which have been brewing for a while.

First? Horoscopes!

Starting this Sunday, I’ll be posting an astrology forecast each week, for the week ahead. This will include a few paragraphs about the general, “astro-weather” and major transits for the week, as well as more personalized information for each of the twelve rising signs.

I’ve been wanting to write something like this for a while now, but it’s taken me some time to decide on both what information to present in these forecasts, as well as how to present it. It’s been a journey of many months, but I’m happy with the results, and I hope you’ll enjoy them as well.

Next up? You might not have noticed, but I’ve updated my consultations page to reflect the new services which I’m offering. More specifically, I’m now offering two types of tarot readings over Zoom.

I’m offering a short tarot reading option for people who have a specific question they need answered, as well as a general reading option for people who want a “big picture” look at their lives, or who are seeking a better understanding of a complex situation or problem.

When I launched this web site six months ago, I had a long list of content and services which I wished to provide. And while I still have a lot left to do and offer, I’m very happy to have reached this milestone.

I hope you’ll come along with me to the next one.

If you would like a Tarot or natal astrology reading, please visit my Consultations page. I would be happy to help.