Let’s Recommend: “The Astrology Podcast”

My relationship with astrology is long, complicated, and probably deserves its own post. The bottom line? Once I absorbed the basics of Western, natal astrology (the planets, signs, houses, and aspects) I felt a deep, resounding feeling of “Now What?” that I just couldn’t shake.

I mean, I could read a chart. I had a vague sense of how transits worked, I’d sorta played around with secondary progressions, and I kinda knew how all the pieces fit together. Still, even after emptying the shelves of my local bookstore and the library, I knew I was missing something.

I could do astrology, but I didn’t feel like I got astrology.

Then I happened to randomly stumble upon The Astrology Podcast, and finally had some direction.

Hosted by Chris Brennan–and featuring frequent contributions from Austin Coppock, Leisa Schaim, and Kelly Surtees–The Astrology Podcast is published about once a week, includes a monthly forecast, and offers what I think is the best, free source of information on astrology you’re likely to find.

The podcast welcomes an astounding array of special guests, and often includes incredibly deep dives into topics of astrological interest. Like this three hour long discussion on astrology and magic from late last year…

Seriously. Chris and his guests will spend hours talking about every aspect of whatever topic is at hand, and very, very little of it could be called “filler.” Most of the episodes are very information-dense, and will more often than not have you adding books to your wish-list to learn even more.

As much as I love this kind of ponderous stuff, there is a downside to it. The Astrology Podcast isn’t exactly experts-only, but it’s also not what I’d call “beginner friendly.” I think someone who is new to astrology can still enjoy it, and get something out of it, but even as an astrologer safely in the “intermediate” camp, a fair bit of the material goes over my head.

I can’t tell you how many times I find myself racking my brain while re-watching an episode for the third time, a notepad in hand, and a couple of books cracked open next to me. This is a situation I find immensely pleasurable, but not everyone does.

Still, you can’t go wrong with a bunch of astrologers geeking out.

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