So, I need to fence in my garden

Something has devoured half of my chamomile plants in two days.

Photo of two rabbits in a garden
Two completely innocent rabbits.

No idea what it could be.

None whatsoever.

On a completely unrelated note, a pair of rabbits has taken up residence near my house. They seem to enjoy hanging out in my garden all the time, so I asked them if they happened to see anything munching my plants.

They weren’t much help.

Given I’m completely at a loss for suspects, and the fact that I’d like the chance to enjoy some of the chamomile I’m growing, I figure it’s time to put up a fence.

When I started my garden last year, I’d hoped to avoid fencing altogether. I think fences look terrible, and I’m not strictly opposed to sharing my herbs and flowers with the local wildlife.

It worked out fairly well last year, but clearly word’s gotten out that I run the best salad bar in town. So, a fence it is.

Still wish I knew what was eating stuff, though.

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