(Re)establishing relationships

For me, this week has been about re-establishing relationships. In particular, that has meant reconnecting with spirits and practices which I’ve let “slide” over the last few months. Yesterday, Mercury’s Day, that involved me setting up the altar to Saint Expedite, which had once (and once again) lived on my sewing machine.

It’s simple, but them I’m a simple guy.

I’d write up a detailed description of Saint Expedite, including how I set up my altar and how to work with him, but honestly? Just read this post over at Sphere + Sundry for the low-down. I couldn’t do a better job of explaining it, so I won’t try to.

I will explain, though, why I work with him.

Most of the practical enchantment work I do for myself or others falls under the category of “Protection and Long-Term Goal Attainment.” It’s about establishing a solid foundation for the present, and slowly building toward the future. The key word there is slowly. The approach I take is one of gentle nudges and careful moves. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and all that.

Unfortunately, sometimes Stuff Happens, or needs to happen, quickly. For example, you’re getting kicked out of your apartment and need a place to stay. Or your car just fell apart and you need to find a new one.

That’s where Saint Expedite comes in. It’s kind of his whole thing to not only make Stuff Happen, but to make it happen in record time.

To be sure, there are other ways to go about making magic “go fast,” and I often throw them at the problem, too, but Saint Expedite has a knack for getting things done with the sort of haste I still find kind of unbelievable.

He’s a good friend to have around, because even if you don’t presently need his services, who knows what tomorrow will bring.