Welcome to the show

I’ve started and stopped many blogs over the years. I’ve started them because I’m a writer and writers write. I’ve stopped them because I’m easily bored, and even-more-easily frustrated by technology.

Let’s be honest. The Internet hasn’t worked right since about 1998. We should all just go back to using text-based browsers and USENET.

Or, remember forums? Those were the good old days. Back before everything became a walled-garden app used by nation-state actors to sabotage your privacy, or the odd election.

But I digress.

This blog is my latest attempt to shout some gibberish into the void, with the hope that someone out there will find it interesting. I also hope that it will at least partially serve as a way of connecting to other, like-minded weirdos who spend too much of their time reading about the occult, playing with Tarot cards, and practicing magic.

I’d also like to start offering Tarot, astrology, and magical consultations to people I don’t know personally, and I’m told that if you want to sell a service you should probably tell people about it.

So what should you expect here, apart from shameless self-promotion? Hopefully a few things:

  • The odd bit of writing about my daily life as a full-time weirdo.
  • Informative (or at least mildly-interesting) posts about Tarot, astrology, and magic.
  • Links to interesting (or at least mildly-amusing) articles, podcasts, blogs, etc. about magic, the paranormal, and other weird stuff.

With any luck, we’ll both stick around for a while.

If you would like a Tarot or natal astrology reading, please visit my Consultations page. I would be happy to help.